I was born into a creative family. My dad is a home builder, and my mother is an attorney by day--writer by night. My family is filled with musicians, designers, and artists, and I knew from a young age, that I wanted to be a "fashion designer."  When I was 8, I begged my parents for a pair of blue crush velvet bell bottoms from Limited Too. My parents finally gave in, and the first day I wore them to school, my parents home line rang off the hook with parents wanting to know where they were from.

Fast forward to high school, I had 2 fashion lines by senior year and was admitted to The University of Alabama, for Apparel and Textile Design. My plan, was to move to NYC and work for a designer, but things didn't exactly go to plan...

I was in a terrible boat accident the summer I graduated college, and it took two years to fully recover. During that time, I worked for a multi line showroom, then moved to a prominent clothing brand here, in Atlanta. Since then, I've moved to a new position, outside the fashion world which I love, but have always kept the creative flame alive.

My husband bought me a sewing machine during the COVID-19 lockdown to reignite my passion in textiles, and in August 2021, I launched Tela!  Tela means fabric in Spanish which is the whole basis of my line. I love to mix unique textiles with the simple silhouette of a kaftan. My goal, with Tela, is to bring the most fabulous looks to your wardrobe no matter your size. I want every one to feel and look amazing!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Tela and will continue to put my best foot forward for my customers and hope to make the world a better place while doing so :) 

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